Integrating PURLS with Unbounce (and PURLEM or others)


The integration of Unbounce and Purlem was relaeased 2 years ago. We tried to set up a project but have issues with the PURLS being created through PURLEM and an existing landingpage, where we integrated the PURLEM javascript. I fear that the javasript is not working. Is there any help or are there any experiences? Besides does anybody knows another s.a.a.s. provider for personal url addresses that fits with unbounce…ot that fits at all? Thank you Michael (Germany)


Hey Micahel - Sorry to hear it’s not working. 

PURLEM’s integration is primarily used to dynamically change content on the page based on URL parameters.

We’ve actually since then introduced our own ‘dynamic text insertion’ feature that works the same way. (This is only available for our Pro plans which I believe your on)

Check that out and see if it does what you’re looking for it to do.

I see you also started a support ticket. I just replied back with the same information above so if your adamant on using PURLEM, let me know which page your working on in the email and i’ll take a closer look.