Integrating form data into webinar registration systems


Does anyone have experience integrating the form output from an Unbounce landing page into a webinar database (Webex Event Center)?

I using Unbounce for as my webinar signup page instead of the native Webex landing page for two reasons: it’s a great way to test landing pages, and it supports mobile access, unlike Webex…

I’d like to pass the data from a completed form into a Webex attendee database, so that the attendees are fully registered.


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Hi Doug,

It appears that WebEx has a URL API, so you should be able to configure a webhook with your Unbounce landing page to send the attendee information to WebEx.

I would suggest referring to the WebEx documentation for the expected format. I suspect the Add Attendee command is what you’re looking for.…

Then check out the Unbounce Answers page about form webhooks and set up a URL Parameter Replacement to format your form data the way WebEx expects it.…

I hope this gets you pointed in the right direction. Feel free to contact if we can answer any additional questions.



Doug, I have had the same need as you have expressed but for the GoToWebinar platform. I have a team that is working on the API integration as we speak to connect these together. I need GoToWebinar, but will have them add WebEx next.

If you shoot me your email address, I will get you on the beta list as soon as it is ready to play with.



Hi Miles,

Please let us at Unbounce know when you get that working! We’d be most interested in being able to share this ability with other users.



Did anyone get this to work with GoToWebinar?


Adam, my team is working on it currently. The GoToWebinar/MailChimp-AWeber/Wordpress Plugin will be launched to the public by the end of this week. Our WebEx/Unbounce integration tool will be coming out a bit later this summer.

If you want to get an idea of what the plugin we have named Woosh! does, here is a pre-launch video that demo’s how it works:


Hey guys, the folks over at Zapier have a tool that will help you integrate your Unbounce pages with a ton of other services including GoToWebinar (but I didn’t see Webex - Doug, you could hit their team up to see if it’s on their road map).

They’ve got a demo video that explains how to integrate Unbounce with Infusionsoft but it’s more-or-less the same for GTW. Check it out!…


Hi Everyone - a closed beta version of our InfusionSoft integration is now available! If you are interested in giving it a-go with your Unbounce account, please contact support@unbounce so we can switch it on for you. Happy Converting!


Hey Miles did you create the integration with Webex, I noticed you were exploring that options in this post from 3 years ago?


MIles could you please add me to the beta list too. I need this for webex