Integrate Google Drive / Dropbox with Unbounce


Have an idea for a new Unbounce integration, or unique way we can integrate with your marketing stack? Use the template below to submit your request. Note: Please delete this message before posting.

Q: What integration are you looking for?
A: Google Drive or Dropbox with Unbounce

Q: What problem are you trying to solve?
A: Inability to upload files via Unbounce.

Q: If solved, what value would this provide (ex. increased efficiency, cost savings, etc.)?
A: Increased efficiency

Q: Use Case example? (ex. As a ____ I want to be able to _____ so I can _____.)
A: I want to add an upload button on Unbounce page to upload resume / CV which will then be saved to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Q: Is this being solved by another workaround or any other tool today?
A: No.


Thanks for adding this as an idea, @dwifitriaa!