Inserting and formatting large bits of dynamic text


We have successfully used multiple dynamic text fields in our landing pages for customizing the page. By doing this we have been able to create a master template that gets populated with different data based on the url string. So instead of creating 50+ pages with the same layout but different content, we have created one page where the content changes based on the the url parameters.

However… our client need to have a block of legal text that changes for each landing page created from the master. This block needs to have special formatting and multiple lines of text that we can dynamically place. What is the best and cleanest way to do this. Thanks


Hi Grant,

Congrats on saving time and labor :slight_smile: got to love dynamic text.  It’s hard to understand exactly what you are asking without seeing it.  I would recommend sharing the landing page in question and we can try and work it out for you!

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Great point, Joe!

I think it would help for us to see the problem in full to get a handle on how we can approach it. Would you mind sharing the published version (or a copy of the published version) for us to take a look? Feel free to change any information you don’t want to share. 



Not a problem. Take a look at this page:

What we would need to change is the “MEET THE EXPERTS” text field. Our landing pages go out for Dental practices and their legal departments specify that we need to have the actual Dentist information on the pages. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks 


You can use a tool like this to do the formatting


I’m not sure what the best solution would be and don’t want to lead you astray.  Hopefully someone more experienced with this advanced level of dynamic text within Unbounce can save the day.  +1

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Thanks Ryan. I will check it out


Thanks Ryan. I will check it out

Another member of our team uses this for encoding urls:


We have found a solution!!!

First we have added a custom html area on the landing page. This is a list of different divs. Each div has a specific name and the specific content we want shown for a particular instance. And… by using the custom HTML area we are able to format the text by using the span tag.

Our developer then created a custom script that lists and calls out each of the divs by name.

So, the information on the page can change based on what div is called out in the URL string. Hope this is helpful for others.


Great solution, Grant! I think there might be others that could potentially run into this issue as well. Look out for an email from me shortly. :) 


This would be an interesting article, Justin!  Great solution, Grant and congrats on getting it all figured out.




Hi Grant
Nice work. Could you pls. share the javascript and custom html?
I have a simular need.

Kindly  Tor


Hello Grant. Well done! I have a similar need too. Would you be so kind as to share the script with us? 



Hi Grant! I’d love to have that piece of code too!