Insert links to Privacy Policy, Terms of Service at bottom of page?


How can I insert links to privacy policy, terms of service site map etc. at the bottom of the landing page? (I read these are important for PPC campaigns to show it’s a real page)


Hi Jordan, are you asking how to accomplish this? If you have a privacy policy and terms of service pages hosted on your main website domain, you can just add some text links at the bottom of the page and link them to these pages.

If you don’t have a privacy policy or terms of service pages hosted elsewhere, you can always just make a couple new unbounce pages and link to those.

Let me know some more specifics about your problem if that doesn’t help.




How would I make new unbounce pages and link to those?
It seems that I am only able to publish one page at a time.



It’s just as easy as Carter describes it indeed.

Make the links nice and small so they don’t distract too much, but make sure you have these Privacy, Copyright and Trademark Policy links in there indeed. They can increase trust and make you look pro.

I personally use them like this:…