Insert a 3rd party live form on to landing page


I am researching Unbounce to see if it would work for our insurance agency. Is it possible to insert a live form from a 3rd party which lets visitors type in there address etc… to get a quick quote. Under that we would have a CTA button.




Hey Ron! Welcome to the community.

What do you mean by a “live form” You can absolutely embed any form (or any html element fro that matter) from a 3rd party into an Unbounce page using the custom html block.

Depending on what the 3rd party gives you, it might make sense to do some custom styling… which is a little more advanced but well worth it.

Good Luck!



This is an example from another insurance agency but shows how the form would work

After your type in your home information you hit next and it will display quotes from different insurance companies.

We would integrate the quoting form on the landing page and then have a contact us lead form for them to fill out.

I’m not very technical but I think another quote form provider said we would “embed an iframe” or something like that.

Thanks again


Yep. You can embed that form in an iframe within unbounce. Like anything you would want to test, test and test again to be sure it looks good/works. Also, you may want to setup a separate mobile form… depending on what the form provider gives you or if the code is responsive. In this case you could have the additional lead form from Unbounce on the page as well.

Good luck!!


Great news! Really appreciate it