Inline PhP Integration


It would be lovely to see unbounce add some PhP integration to this awesome platform. I know that unbounce is mostly targeting the non developers, but as a developer myself it would be very handy if we could have some PhP functionality.

It would be nice to see even the most basic features, for instance firing onload functions to dynamically request data. I think it would make a page more dynamic and it would then also cater to a different target market, us developers.

I just wanted to make a quick recommendation, let me know what your opinions are.




Hey Fred, this has *definitely* been on our minds, though not quite yet slotted on the roadmap. Was there something specific you were trying to do that triggered the thought for you?

Incidentally, I’ve been imagining how we could let you just embed any ol’ language you wanted into your page (Ruby, PHP, Java, Python…).


Hi Carl,

I am glad to hear that you guys have been thinking about integrating other languages into unbounce. There is so much potential in this platform!!!

There are a couple of things that lead me to spark this idea. At our company we work a lot with Click-To-Call(CTC), and I am testing the functionality of unbounce, its restrictions etc etc.

We basically need to insert an I-frame to get the CTC to function. We haven’t tried it yet, but by using the “insert custom html” function of unbounce we should be able to accomplish this.

This then lead me to think about dynamic breadcrumbs and other cool functionality we can incorporate.


I would love to see some PHP integration too.


Need this too. Please please implement a PHP API!!