Infusionsoft to Unbounce



I have campaign set up in Infusionsoft and a page set up in unbounce.

Infusionsoft campaign is properly configured, sequenced and tagged.

Unbounce pages as well is properly set.

Also, the page is successfully integrated with infuionsoft.

My problem is, when I tested my page ( opted in) though my contact information is added to Infusionsoft account but not on a certain campaign I created.

I also tried to embed the webform code on that certain page, but still having same issue.

I contacted IS support and the agent said, I need to embed the webform code to the page to make it work, and yes, I followed the instruction but nothing happen.

Can anyone see any lacking step(s) or any idea why I am having this issue?

Thanks and your unsolicted suggestions are very much welcome.


To use the built in Unbounce integration with Infusionsoft, you need to use a tag goal in your campaign, not a webform.

When you setup the integration on Unbounce, Unbounce asks you to select the tag that you want to apply. You then need to use that same tag to start the campaign in Infusionsoft.