Indexation Google, htaccess


we want to be 100% sure that none of our urls get indexed.
What exactly does the check box hide from google do?

Can we create an htaccess file for our unbounce subdomains?

Thanks a lot!


So I’m pretty sure the “hide from google” option adds < no-index > before the head of the page. No other specific htaccess configuration.

:surfing_woman: :robot: :computer:
As the Google-bot surfs the internet looking at all URL’s tryna catch a wave, it comes across your site. But if you have the box checked in Unbounce, there will be a tag that basically says, DON’T TELL ANYONE ABOUT THIS SPOT! So the little surfing Google-bot will rip a few curls on your site, but promises to keep it a secret. Then when all the fun was had, the little bot will move on to the next one.

The end.