Increase Google Adwords quality scores


1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve? Give as much detail as possible
Low Google AdWords quality scores

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
Google AdWords

3: What is your conversion goal?
Form submissions

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:


Hey there @33social!

Before I give feedback, I wanted to give a heads up to anyone else that for some reason I haven’t been able to click on the link you’ve provided. My guess is because of the subdomain being “ads”, our Community may think that’s spam.

If anyone else was going to provide feedback, you can copy paste that LP URL into a separate tab and it opens just fine. :slight_smile:

I’ll be back with more feedback!


Hi @33social,

I am able to open your landing page and take a look. Though like Jess mentioned, the subdomain could be perceived as spam.

Is this the only landing page you have ever tried to send traffic to? or is spinning up a landing page the solution to a pre-existing problem?

There is a lot going on here so I am going to just give you some high level feedback.

  1. My eye doesn’t seem to settle on anything. The font color in the green section is very hard to read. The photo is dark with the bright candle so my eye tends to go in that direction, which is away from the form :frowning:

I don’t get what it is that you do from an initial visual perspective.

  1. Do you want form submits or clicks to the website? Having footer links, or links to social sites is good. It does reduce the attention ratio but it isn’t awful. Having a link that says “no thanks” right under the submit button… that is not going to help your conversion rate.

  2. The social proof section looks spammy. Consider asking a designer to help you there.

  3. I finally get to the grid and “I get it” why burry that info below the fold like that? I’d consider using that kind of imagery and that bullet points up much higher on the page.

Without knowing more about the ads, and keywords I can’t offer up many suggestions on optimization. I would think you could take advantage of DKI on this page.

Good luck!!


Hi Joe, Thank you so much for taking time to look at the page and provide great feedback. We appreciate it tremendously. ~ Robin


Hey, just wanted to mention that anybody using AdBlock will not be able to see the images on your page because of the “ads” subdomain. That’s probably also the reason why Jess couldn’t access the link you posted (AdBlock prevents that as well). It’s possible that visitors using AdBlock might not be able to submit a form, either. I didn’t want to risk sending you a garbage lead, so I haven’t tested this, but you might want to do so on your end with AdBlock enabled.

Considering that upwards of 30% of Internet users are using ad blocking tools, I would seriously consider changing your subdomain to something other than “ads”. This could very likely be affecting your quality score as well, especially the “landing page experience” portion.


Hi Leah.ann,

Thank you so much. That’s great feedback that we will implement into our updates. We’re very appreciative for your feedback, Robin


My understanding is quality score depends a lot on the KW + Ad Copy + Landing Page combo you are using. Are the keywords you are bidding on in the text of the ad copy and landing page?