Inconstant tracking values in a Facebook Pixel / Infusionsoft funnel

I have a funnel formed by 3 pages: A, B and C. They share the same Facebook Pixel code, tracking the page View, and are showing as implemented correctly.

- Page A : First page, where exists a form that submits its data to a Infusionsoft URL after clicking on the submit button.
- Page B : Second page, redirected after Infusion gets the data from the page A form.
- Page C: Third page, accessed by a link present in a email sent by Infusion, to the email address the user inserted in the page A form.

The issue is:

On Facebook Page View reports, all numbers make sense, having page A more accesses, followed by B and than C. In other words: A > B > C.

But when looking at the Facebook Ads report, page C have more accesses than B, creating this sequence of quantity: A > C > B.

By the way the funnel works, C should never have more acesses than B.

Any idea what is the cause of this? The problem lies on Unbounce, Infusionsoft, Facebook, or a combination of them?

Hi @thiago.medeiros.unu

I think since Page C is from an email, it is more likely to get repeat visits. I often see emails get opened multiple times by the same users throughout a campaign.

My theory is that your users are opening the link from their email multiple times, because its the most accessible compared to their browser history for pages A and B.

I considered this possibility, but in this situation, should’nt the Page View report follow the same pattern? If C is more viewed than B because of multiple clicks, both reports should show A > C > B.

I think that the problem may be one of the follow:
1- Facebook Ads checks differently than the Page View.
2- The B page or its Facebook pixel is not loading, because of some error with the redirection from Infusion, or something else like browsers blocking scripts when redirecting.
3- Unbounce blocking something because of some rule in this chain of process.

I don’t know. I’m honestly confused why this is happening.

Hey @thiago.medeiros.unu,

As @Kyle.Carline mentioned… emails get opened multiple times. You check your email on your phone than come back later on your desktop if something looks interesting.

Also, Facebook analytics can be a hit and miss.

I usually advice all of my clients to have a single source of “truth” and that’s usually the analytics platform (Google Analytics, Adobe, etc.).

All other tools have an interest in presenting their contribution a bit on the high side.


P.S. Unbounce doesn’t block anything. It’s just a page builder. If the script is on the page it will fire.

P.P.S. A lot of people use ad blockers on their mobile devices. Much more so than desktop. That might be throwing the results off since those JS snippets would be blocked.

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