Include LiveChat Inc. Live Chat functionality on Unbounce Page


We utilize LiveChat Inc’s LiveChat across our site and I was wondering how I would include this on our unbounce page. 

I put the code into the JavaScript area but it doesn’t seem to have worked. 

Here is the code snippet,

And here is the page that we’re utilizing.

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you very much.

All the best.


I got the dialogue box to pop up on Firefox. What is missing?


I see it on my end as well. I’m assuming you got it working?


I was able to fix this. I just added the script provided by LiveChat into the script manager for the domain. Worked perfectly.

I kept making the mistake of not looking at the correct version when I was testing, important to remember to look at the correct version.

Thanks everyone for the quick replies. I really appreciate it.


Do you want to post that script for future reference in case someone else has the same issue?



The snippet will be unique to each person. You’ll get that from LiveChat.

open unbounce > click settings > click add script 

Choose custom script from the drop down > enter a name for your script (I used LiveChat) > Click add script details

Paste the snippet in the script area. You can then choose which page to utilize it on. Click save. 

You can then use it on any new pages you add, etc. 

I’ve attached screenshots.