In-person meetups? 🤔


Hi everyone! Me again :wave:

Imagine this: bringing an online community offline!

For the next few months that’s what I’m going to be investigating. My ask of you (because there’s always an ask) is what topics are you interested in? And what city are you located in? Okay, that’s two questions, but they’re both important.

My blue sky idea is that we (Unbounce) could empower our customers to host in-person meetups in their city to talk about marketing strategy, workarounds they use, trends, PPC, ecommerce, you name it!

These are is early days, and I’m just trying to see if there’s a level of interest out there. If there is, I’m diving in head first, and you’ll be the first to know about it!

Interested? Get in touch in the comments below, I’ll be watching like a hawk :eyes:

Hope you’re all having a great week!



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I’m on the Gold Coast, Australia! Possibly the only Unbounce-r here?! :sob:

I’d love to connect with any local Unbounce peeps though!

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Hey Jess - oh sorry, ‘Overlord’ :wink:

That sounds like a great idea! Seeing real humans is always better than just text on a screen!

I’m coming from a developer background with new marketing experience, so I’m interested in the technical side of how people use Unbounce, for themselves or for clients. Not only that but I love the psychology behind a landing page and what leads people to click that call. Also tips for getting and keeping clients would be splendid.

I’m in Victoria on Vancouver Island which, as you know Jess, isn’t that far from Vancouver, but the journey to your office is a bit of a mission.

Looking forward to hopefully hearing from others in the area!

All the best,



I know for a fact that we have many Unbounce customers in Australia! I’m curious, what kind of topics would you be interested in covering if there were an Aussie meetup?

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I could start a thread on that point alone, in fact, I should. I’d like to hear about different user behaviours based on different verticals, and what kind of patterns there are across. For example, a while back @Andrew mentioned that he’d heard about marketing becoming more patient-centric, and how that translates to different search patterns and behaviours in the healthcare industry.

I think a local(ish) Unbounce meetup is just about the biggest no-brainer ever uttered here in the community. We’d just need a space!

Do you know of many Unbounce users on Vancouver Island?



I second that emotion.

I learn the most from others’ landing page case studies (and the underlying test hypotheses, strategies, and results) so a “show and tell” series of case studies might be appealing to others who want to learn and/or show off a bit. It might spark some new ideas for a future test and provide some design inspiration.

Happy to host an event here in sunny (for now) Richmond, VA!



Coming from the design side, I’m always keen to get more knowledge the pure conversion side of things. i.e. convince me that your gradient-beveled-shadow-text-button is worth ruining good design for :wink:

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I would love too !

But I’m not sure we are a lot from Paris, France around here ?

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I would love to see this happen here in the Midwest, or more specifically, Indianapolis, IN, USA :grinning:

Like @Andrew, I would love to see a “show and tell”!

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I can’t think of Unbounce customers off the top of my head in Paris but I know of quite a few in Europe. I should loop in some folks from our Berlin office to try to facilitate something overseas.



You guys had those on-the-road mini-events in various cities a few years ago, I think run by Stefanie? I was at the Toronto one and I think we had a pretty decent turn out.

Never saw one happen again. But would be a good time to get one going. :slight_smile:

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@Mark_H that must have been a whiiile ago! I didn’t know that was a thing.

So here’s the problem I’m running into, given that GDPR runs our lives now, what would be the best way to target folks in specific cities? I know we can target with Facebook, but if we wanted to send an email to customers in a specific location, we can’t really do that (that I’m aware of).

I’d love some tips, if anyone’s feeling generous with legal advice.



@Jess I’m sure your email list has geo data associated with most of Unbounce’s subscribers based on their email opens. Simply create segmented email campaigns based on those geos and send 'em over (and here’s a paralegal style advice: just don’t send them to EU. stick to US/Canada)

Or @Justin used to send pretty location specific “mailmerge” style emails which makes me think he might have had a list of subscribers segmented by location.



I’ll have to confirm that with my legal team, but I believe we’ve made GDPR guidelines across all customers, not just Europe. Of course, if I dig I can find out where customers are, but contacting them based on their location is a no-go.

I might be wrong, in which case this would be super easy. But if I’m right, I might need to get creative.

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:raising_hand_man: Interested

We’ve run a few back in 2017 in Montreal, Canada (by word of mouth) and would love to get this initiative going!

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I would love too ! Hi everyone… I am from America

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Awesome!! What city are you located in, if you don’t mind my asking? :slight_smile:



would love to join i live in london

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Hey @harryking! Which London are you referring to? There’s a few :slight_smile: :uk: :canada: