Impossible Unsub Setup?


I am trying to set up an Unsubscribe landing page that is integrated with my MailChimp account. Sounds so easy right? I want to parce out 3 different types of unsubs that go into three different lists in MailChimp. Is this possible?


Hi Jean - Right now our MailChimp integration can only be used to add leads to your MailChimp database–we’re not able to push an unsubscribe through an Unbounce form.

Each form can also only connect to one MailChimp list at a time.

The latter is actually a bit of a limitation with MailChimp. They don’t provide sign-up or unsubscribe forms that include multiple lists and while it is technically possible to code your own from scratch, even MailChimp warns about that being quite complex (…).

I did some more digging in MailChimp as well and it doesn’t even seem like there’s an easy way to set it up using their forms, unfortunately.