Importing up-to-date data from an external file


I’d like to include an inventory count on my landing pages. Something like “Choose from over ‘X’ live courses” where the X is replace by a current count of available courses. I can run a cron to update a txt file wth the current count and save it on my server but would love to be able to read that value and display it noted above. Is this even possible using unbounce?


Hi Louis - it definitely should be technically feasible, but it will require some custom coding.

Unbounce lets you add custom HTML elements to your page, so you could use that and code your “Choose from ‘x’ live courses” headline, then you should be able to use jQuery (you can also embed scripts on your landing pages) to grab the value from your text file and write it into that custom HTML block. You’d need to do some additional work to make the external text file accessible to the Unbounce page, but the flexibility is in Unbounce to make it all feasible.


Awesome, thanks for the quick answer. I think we figured it out now - we ended up using a text box for the value and then a simple (sort of) javascript using jquery to query our database live and rewrite the value in the text box.

UPDATE: Whoops … I jumped the gun, dealing with apparent cross-site scripting issues … should have done more testing before replying :slight_smile:


Hi Quinn, this is working now. Thanks for your help.


Hey Louis - really glad to hear you were able to make this work, cross scripting issues and all. While no software can do everything out of the box, we always pride ourselves on the fact that Unbounce is flexible enough that almost anything should be doable, so this is great to hear.