Import custom form


Hi i have a problem.
I want to add many checking on all my input fields i want to have input type “number”,autocompletion field but all of that made the utilisation not easy.
Is it possible to import a external form entirely coded by me with external libraries and keep the following of my leads.
thank you for the answer


Hey @Yannick_Vuagnoux I’m not sire I’m following entirely, but basically the question you are asking is whether or not you can embed your own custom form? Yes you can by using the “Custom HTML” tool.


thks for your answer but i know that . I want to know if i do that is it possible to keep the following of my leads and if it’s possible to do that


By “following of my leads” do you mean tracing then through the default Unbounce system? No. You will store them where you;re from sends the data.

As for conversion tracking this can be done with GA or any other analytic tracking system using tags or custom URLs, etc.

You can also create a thank you page in Unbounce. Send them there after they fill out the form, but you will need to code that in your custom form. Another great way to track conversions.

@Stefano also may be able to add some insight here, this is his area.


Hi @Yannick_Vuagnoux,

You also have the option to track external conversions by adding a bit of script on your external form/thank you page.

You can read more about it here.

This way, when you have a conversion from your form, it would show up in your Unbounce statistics.