Implementing Facebook Conversion API

With the release of iOS14 and the disparition of third-party cookies, Facebook strongly encourages using their Conversion API to track Facebook Ads conversions, as the Facebook Pixel is becoming much less effective.

Wordpress and Shopify have already provided solutions, but nothing in Unbounce.

Have you been able to configure Facebook Conversion API with Unbounce? If so, could you quickly explain the main steps?



Hey @Ben773 thanks for bringing this up! To be honest, I’ve been waiting for someone to mention this here in the community to give me the excuse to share this blog post:

We worked closely with @Jonathan on this post and he shares his suggestions and resources for how to best prepare for this. But I’d love to start bringing that conversation here in the community.

Maybe Jonathan can weigh in when he has a moment? :smiley: For now, I highly recommend checking out that article :point_up:



Hi @Ben773 ! It took us a while to figure out setting up CAPI for the platforms we work with, for instance Unbounce. The steps require a developer and someone who understands GTM fairly well. It involves installing a datalayer in Unbounce, creating a Google Cloud account, and configuring server side triggers in GTM. We’re currently doing it ourselves for all our clients using Unbounce.

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Hello @Jess
Thanks for your answer. Very interesting article, I am surprised Unbounce has not been more active on this topic as it will strongly affect conversion rates. Wordpress and Shopify already have easy integrations available.

Hey @Jonathan
Thanks, I saw a step by step tutorial on YouTube on how to implement this method. It’s definitely the best way to implement it but it’s a time-consuming process for freelancers with small budget clients. I’ll probably look at other LP builders to see if I can find faster setups

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Hello @Ben773. Could you please share this tutorial?

I’m facing the same situation, once our costumers has no budget for a programmer or anything else needed.

Let’s find out together a simpler solution.

Thks in advance.