Implementing Event Specific Image Pixel from Linkedin


Hi there,

I am trying to track a Linkedin conversion event when someone hits the submit button on my Lead Gen page.

The pixel Linkedin provided me with is an image pixel, will this work if I paste the code on the confirmation page?




Hey Valentin!

Long story short, yes you can track conversions when users land on your confirmation page using an image pixel! :grinning:

Typically LinkedIn conversion pixels fire using Javascript, so when you have the full script you’ll paste that into the Javascript console within Unbounce on your confirmation page.

You can implement this on the confirmation page that loads whenever someone submits a lead on your Lead Gen page from whatever destination URL you give us to link to.

Once you’ve dragged that image pixel onto the confirmation page, the HTML box will pop up and you can paste the code in there. Once you’ve saved and republished those changes, this should make that pixel live. Definitely test it by loading the live page to see if it’s working.

Here’s the detailed documentation for the tracking platform we use:

Let me know if you have any questions! :wave:t4: