Implementing Consent Management Tool

I want to install a consent management tool on my landingpages. There are some files like a setup.php I need for that. Usually I would put these files on the FTP Server or in the root directory of my landingpages (if hosted the landingpages myself on a server). How can I do this with unbounce? Has anyone implemented a Consent Management Tool on his landingpage? I would be really thankful for every bit of help!
Thank you very much!



Hey @Matze1011,

You can’t run backend scripts (PHP) on your Unbounce landing pages.

You need to either run the script on your own server or find a consent management tool that would allow you to do what you need to through the frontend (JavaScript).

The actual choice of consent management tool would be up to you since you know what features you need it to have in order to work for you.