Implement SASS as an alternative to CSS


Title says it all but it would be great if you could implement a drop down that could switch a css script to a sass script…



Hey TimonthyDO,

Before adding code to Unbounce transform your sass files with
It works really good,

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Converting the SASS ain’t really the problem for me… Personally if I was working on the SASS externally I’d just setup a node.js instance and work on that…
Just think it would be great to setup a couple SASS files, one for default stuff and one for site/variant specific variables that other people in the office would be able to deal with.
((And have the effects visible from unbounce rather than having to jump through hoops such as Sassmeister or node.js to view them))


Ok as you wish,


Welcome to the forum btw :slight_smile:

Didn’t mean to say sassmeister wasn’t a legitimate was of doing things, just people in my office generally come to me for sorting things out and introducing a third party solution to something they are not even aware that they are missing out on wouldn’t go down well :wink: