Images Not Displaying


Is anyone else having an issue with images not displaying on your pages? I have about a half dozen png images that are not displaying on and so far support is not addressing the issue. Am I the only one?


Hello there Mike - thanks for reaching out !

I am very sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties with images on your page. I went into the page on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, and see all images load and display properly.

Mike, are you able to send a screenshot of what you see at ? We know this is important to you and want to dig in.

Thanks Mike, we look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hi Louise! Thanks for the reply! I meant to update this…Jacquelyn in support indicated there was a glitch occurring and she encouraged me to upload my images, which I did painstakingly. Guess the workaround the boys/girls in the back wired up worked, as, yes indeed, the images on that page do indeed display. Hope it continues…I do like Unbounce!

Thanks for the note again from you and Jacquelyn!