Images don't appear because of Adblock

Hi everyone,

As it’s said in the title, I encounter an issue with the images on my landing page. This is the first time it does that. I have designed many other LP using Unbounce and they’re all ok. Preview mode is ok but when I publish the page, the images don’t appear. I see on the adblock icon that it detected 5 ads… but it’s not aaads, just images!

This is a real problem because my background is a dark image, so it’s impossible to read anything on the page as the texts are white…

Manyyy thanks for your help!

Hey Juliette, welcome to the community :tada:

What might be happening is that these images are being detected as ads if they have “ad” anywhere in their file description. If that’s the case, they may need to be saved as something else and re-uploaded.

If the problem persists, our Support team may need to look into it :mag:

Hope this helps!


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Thanks a lot! In fact, this time it was because of the name of the URL : there was the word “ads”, I removed it and it works now! Really good to know this :slight_smile:

Have a great day