Image won't load into image library

I have had this happen more than once. When setting a background image, sometimes after select the image to upload - it won’t appear in the image library box that pops up. I have tried logging in and out of unbounce with no luck.

Bingo! that did it.

Great! We should have a fix for that soon enough, glad it’s working for you though. Sorry for the frustration.


Is that fix still in the works? I have 1px wide background that isn’t uploading.

Unfortunately it is (intermittently) and got pushed to the back of the queue in favor of some more pressing improvements to the editor. Are you able to get around the issue by resizing your image to be 20px or more wide (it will still tile the same as a 1px wide image).

Hi. I am cant get a PNG image to load up. Are there restrictions on the type of image that can be loaded up?

Hi Alain - a PNG image should upload just fine. If it doesn’t seem to be working right, can you email the file to our Customer Success Team at We can check to see if the file’s corrupted and otherwise try uploading from our end.

Hi Jeff,
What are the dimensions of the image you are uploading? We have a known bug that we’re working on which seems to limit images to a minimum height/width of at least 20px or so. If you are trying to use a repeating 1px high (or wide) background, that might be the reason.

hi anyone I can’t open choose image dialog box, still loading “load my images” “we were unable load any files”