Image not showing in mobile version


When I resized the image to get fit to mobile dimensions , Image was not visible  in mobile preview mode or published  page. Image is shown in the desktop version, but not showing up in mobile version.


The most common cause for this is having the image set to “invisible” on mobile. To troubleshoot, on the mobile version, please look at the left-side panel (you might have to expand it) and see if any of the elements look like this:

![]( A - Law_Firm_Example_2 inline.png?1471348696 “Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1467715/RackMultipart20160816-10611-mimi0m-Edit__A__-__Law_Firm_Example_2__inlinepng1471348696”)

If so, to make the image visible again, click on the “eye.” Let us know if that helped.


Thanks to @Noah   Noah Matsell  (Unbounce Customer Support)  I have a solution for above problem.

 I am sharing the solution for the benefit of others.

The best way around this issue would be to create a box and set the

  image as the background of the box. The box can then be resized to

 the desired dimensions. To set the background of a box, select the

 box and choose image from the background properties as seen here:


Thanks Nicholas for your response, but this was not the issue. it was some bug

which was assigning 0 pixel height to images. I got a work around for this issue from

unbounce support and am sharing it for others.


Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear you’ve got it working.


Thanks so much for sharing these findings, Mahajan! This is a super handy workaround. :slight_smile: