Image Gallery not working properly



I’m really new to Unbounce and I followed the step by step on how to set up an image gallery and the one I created is not working properly it keeps going back to the same image even though I set it up for different lightbox and sometimes it will go to the landing page itself. Need some assistance please this is on a tight deadline.

Also, is there a way that I can mimic the image gallery like this on Unbounce just the photo section

I also set up the dropbox link to this landing page for the menu section and it’s not working on preview as well.



Hey @lpaelmo

The link you provided is internal to you Unbounce dashboard. Without credentials no one can access that. Can you publish the page and send us that link - would be most helpful.

As for the wedding gallery example, it can be done but it will require a lot of custom code in Unbounce to make it work.