Image folders or 'groups'


The ability to sort or file images on a folder or landing page basis would be extremely helpful for those of us who are launching several landing pages w/ images.


Better asset management is on the horizon here - one of the features that will be included is allowing users to upload any filetype (pdf whitepaper, mp3, zip, etc) to giveaway as your lead gen success.


Great to hear - do we have any idea of how long until we see something like this?


I have a couple dozen landing pages and my image library is out of control. Definitely need better asset management. Even if I could just delete unwanted images, that would be a start.


our landing pages are pretty graphically intense so having some way to organize the images would really be nice. Things are starting to get messing and we only have 4 pages.


Yes. Asset organization or the ability to separate them into libraries would help productivity. Currently I have to organize them alphanumerically, titling with client, campaign, job and description. Even with abbreviations, the name gets very cumbersome: client_camp_12345_header-bg.jpg. Any idea when this might happen?


We only have 4 pages going now as well…about to embark on our 5th and the image directory is out of control. Would love some feedback as to how directories could be emulated or if this feature will be available in the future. I was hoping organizing my sites into groups would somehow make this available- no dice. Looking forward to a solution for this.