Image Carousel


Hi guys,

I am looking for a way to implement a image carousel similar to:
I’m aware of the image carousel widget here on Unbounce, but couldn’t achieve exactly this.

Tips and How-Tos appreciated!



Hi there!

Something like this?

We haven’t had the opportunity to get this to work 100% correctly, but when you resize from desktop to mobile it breaks. It does load fine on mobile, however!


Hi Stefano,

thanks for the demo.
I am looking for something to display all images at once and then scroll/slide/click through them.

Any work around?



Hi there!

In this case, you’d be able to show multiple images. Hitting the arrow button, will show another round of images.

Each carousel slide is defined by a box element. You can stuff as many/as little assets into each box slide as you want.

Not sure if this helps.


Ok, I’ll give it a try.
How did you build it?



Are you comfortable reverse engineering the page?

If so, I could upload it here for you.

I could create a write up sometime later this week, if you prefer?

Let me know :grinning:


You can download it here :rocket:

P.S. Disregard the stylesheet for before/after.


Sounds awesome! - I’ll have a look.
A write up could be helpful for others too, I guess.