Image Border Properties in IE not displaying correctly


It seems like the Image Corner Radius Settings don’t apply in IE (Version: 11.0.14)

Border Property Settings:



I know, i know - using IE is a travesty to mankind, but we’ve a good percentage of users that are still on IE (sadly enough) so we gotta cater.

Is there any known fix for this?



Hi there Jay! 

Great to hear from you! :) 

We took a closer look on our end, and we weren’t able to replicate the issue using Internet Explorer. Would you mind double-checking your browser version and letting me know which version you’re using? I’d also recommend clearing your cache and cookies, and seeing if that allows you to see your corner radius settings. From our end here, it does look like the image edges should be rendering correctly. Do you happen to have any browser extensions that might be causing conflict? All things considered, there’s also always the option of creating the graphic with rounded corners in Photoshop, but before we move in that direction, Jay, I’d like to hear from you regarding your browser version and possible browser extensions. If you’d prefer to correspond via e-mail, you can reach me directly at

Talk to you soon! 


Hey Laura~ You’re absolutely right - I just tested it, and it all works! (I think our locally installed versions are stripping the page for some reason, as the responsive functionality doesn’t work on our work computers either.)



Hey Jay! That’s great to hear! Let me know if have any other questions - I’d be happy to help! 

All the best,