I'm so happy I can't contain it... Unbounce Praise inside


Sorry for the flood but wanted to get my ideas out on GetSatisfaction.

If you are reading this and have not used unbounce, I highly recommend their product. Sure, I have a few ideas and they are working out bugs, but what company doesn’t have bugs? I’ve watched unbounce.com grow from a few users to a destination for serious internet marketers. The best part about their system is you can be a person with an idea and get something published within minutes. Or you can be a programmer and take advantage of time saving tools so you can focus on other parts of your campaigns. Whatever the case, thumbs up guys. This makes me feel soooo hhhaaaapppyyyy…


Don’t apologize for the flood, we *love* feedback! Especially when it’s positive. Of course, we welcome the negative stuff too. :wink: Glad to hear you’ve been watching us for a while. Stay tuned!


Just wanted to say that I love it also!! I know wordpress and css and all of that but it takes the fun out of the creative process when you have to edit code.

Now I can launch my ideas as quick as I can think of them! =)

Thanks Guys!! Will be upgrading to a paid plan soon.


Thanks Tyler, great to hear that kind of praise especially from someone who has some wordpress/dev background and still chooses Unbounce!