Iframe workaround?

I am using Unbounce with Hubspot, but there is an issue with Unbounce, and the tracking cookie being different from Unbounce Landing Pages url to our webpage url. So they will not bind, and can’t be tracked as the same person when they submit the form. Hubspot says it is due to being an iframe. I’m hoping there is a workaround.

I’ve submitted help ticket to Unbounce but their response time is days, not hours unfortunately.

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Hi @RyanH,

iFrames are tricky to work with and will almost always break tracking scripts.

The only workaround is a bit technical and it requires custom JS so the parent page can “talk” to the iFrame. The actual code depends on your particular iFrame script and it’s not something you’ll find as a plug-an-play.


Hi @RyanH ,

Like Hristian said, this is typically a bit technical. iFrames’ in many circles are referred to as “The Black Holes of Analytics”.

What analytics tools are you using? Are you using a Hubspot form embedded in Unbounce via an iframe and tracking the page with Google Analytics or other analytics tool?

If you’re trying to get this to work specifically with a Hubspot form and Hubspot Site Tracking I would recommend to also try the Hubspot community forum.

Hi! Yes I am using a Hubspot form integrated in the pop ups, and hubspot tracking. I have asked Hubspot, and they basically say to stop using Unbounce, because there is no way around using an iframe.