If I cancel my account, do I lose my links to all of my landing pages?


If I cancel my account, will I lose all my active landing pages? Meanings, will my links go dead? I have several hundred that are indexed in Google and Bing.



Hi Daniel,

If you cancel your subscription, your account will be changed to our free plan, and stay there indefinitely. This means you are free to keep all your pages.

However, the free plan doesn’t include a custom domain, so if you are currently using your own domain for your pages, you won’t be able to keep this if you downgrade. If you do decided to delete the domain and downgrade, your pages will be moved to unbouncepages.com, which does mean that your prior URLs will break.

I hope this helps to clarify things! If you have any more questions, please feel free to reply here or send an email to support@unbounce.com if you have questions that are more specific to your account.

Happy new year!