Identifying where hits are coming from


I have published a page and shared it with no more than 4 people. But the page shows 20 hits. How do I identify where those 20 hits came from?

I shared 3 landing pages with the same group of 4 people, but only one page shows 20 hits.

Btw, I’m I the only person frustrated by the GetSatisfaction login integration? It does’t use my unbounce account to post questions…which seems weird.


Hi there!

Lots of our customers use Google Analytics, or others, to get more detailed reporting on traffic sources. I can have a quick look at our access logs for you, if you’d like, so we can figure out where the traffic is coming from. Just send in your page URL to

And yes, sorry, we do need to get around to integrating Get Satisfaction’s FastPass system so you don’t have to create a GetSat account to participate.