Identify Ungrouped Pages - so we can see which pages haven't been included in any groups yet


We’re starting to suffer from our own eagerness for Unbounce! :slight_smile:

As we ramp up our landing pages, we’re finding the Page Groups feature really handy to keep track of the pages (especially as we’re now have to sift rhough 3 pages of Unbounce pages and it’s getting harder to keep track of them).

However, when focusing on pages by group, pages that haven’t been assigned can easily be ÒforgottenÓ, and there’s no indication when looking at pages whether they’re in a group or not.

It would be really useful if we could view pages that aren’t grouped so from time to time we can double check and make sure they’ve all been assigned to their relevant groups.

As a suggestion I see two logical places for this filter: either at the top of the ÒAll PagesÓ list (next to your existing filters: ÒAll Ð Published Ð Unpublished) or actually in the side-bar as a Òvirtual groupÓ (like the ÒAll PagesÓ link)