Ideas to increase conversions please


We get traffic from our ads to this page, but no conversions. Any feedback would be much appreciated. thank you.…


Hello Laurie,

Hope you are doing well and glad to help :slight_smile:

May I ask where you are running the ads?  In this scenario the source of traffic seems like it would highly impact your conversion rates.  

With a little bit more context I’d be happy to dive a deeper.

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Hi and thanks.  Google Adwords and Display.  Any and all input is most welcome!




A few points to consider:

  • Most important thing is, your page does not follow the “laws” of conversion-centric design. It absolutely has to. Educational campaigns we run have always worked very well with CCD. To learn more, I suggest you get the eBook by Oli and check out the additional resources on that page.  
  • Next, since it’s educational courses, people (students) aren’t necessarily researching from their computer. If anything, educational campaigns like yours are mobile-heavy. Your page is not mobile-friendly. Segment your adwords campaigns and see for yourself - I am confident you will see a large mobile presence from both the search campaigns, and the display campaigns. So most of your current mobile clicks are going to a big waste. 
  • Finally, Adwords is search intent, Display is interruptive intent. The attention span of a Display click is way too short - much shorter than the already short attention span of a search click. Try separating the landing pages and go easy for the display clickers (this is something that’s worked for me personally). Having said that, both the landing pages need to go easy on the heavy text on the left. My eyes got twisted trying to read that. There is a lot going on there.
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Quick note:

If you’re receiving mobile traffic, make sure it’s mobile friendly! I just had a look on my Iphone 6S and it does not appear to be responsive.

Good luck!