Ideas For Optimising The A/B Test Centre & CR Chart


I’m sure this stuff I’m gonna say isn’t new - but it’s been on my mind for ages.

So for me the A/B Test Centre is great for stats on Visitors, Views, Conversions & CR - but here is a few things I think would make it become totally awesome;

  1. Each variant having a ‘Birth’ date. It would be really cool to know how long each variant has been around form inception - it helps with analysing the whole campaign.

  2. Each variant having an accessible/visual audit trail … so you can see where each edit has happened and also the stats before and after each edit.

  3. A way to download those stats into a csv - depending on custom parameters. E.g  - i could download a set of stats on a landing page over a set period of time - e.g. just visitors and conversions …
    And the CR Chart would be even more awesome if …

  4. You could get a reading across the CR% axis as well as the time axis.

  5. You could click on the line to get a true reading.

  6. You could download the graph.

  7. You could combine different data streams into graphs in the CR or Data Chart.
    Hope it’s actually helpful to others - could just be me being way too clinical … 

Happy optimising …



Always rocking the boat, Amit!  :wink: Just kidding.  Insightful recommendations and I agree that your changes could make it easier to manage the show.  I have a good feeling that amping up their reporting features is on the horizon.  With their coming CallRail integration there will soon be conversion tacking on inbound calls which is a step in the right direction.  In the mean time, I have been utilizing the variant descriptions and trying to create “save points” by duplicating a variant after so many changes.  Great feedback my friend.




Ha that’s what my mum used to always say !! 

I also keep thinking ‘lap counters’ like on a stopwatch whenever I use the test centre - and yeah I use the duplicate a variant to keep the stats from the old one fixed - but personally feel there might be a better way as it can become cumbersome - and lots of different variants all floating about.


Seriously… great points, Amit! I’m going to leave this here as-is because I think these points are super on point, but would you be able to also echo these on the reporting thread as well? I think there’s a few gems regarding the CR axis chart and the ‘lap counter’ as well that could lend nicely towards what we’re trying to build with reporting. :smiley:


Cheers mate - and will do.