I'd like to specify a canonical URL on my unbounce pages


I have to add a code similar to the one below to the section of my Unbounce pages, how do I do this. Thanks!



Hey Jackie! This is a bit of a hack, but you can actually add that into your page by using our Scripts tool. Just set the “Placement” option to ‘Head’:

Hope that answers your question!

Canonical script


Newbie question. If I add this script to my main page, will it apply to all my other landing pages? I have a “old” version of my landing page that is being indexed by Google. I’ve already updated this information in the Webmaster tools, but I’d also like to add the rel=canonical link to the old page here. Can I do that?


Hi Debbie - If you add it on a certain page that you’re working on, the script will only apply to that page.

We do have a new(ish) Script Manager tool that lets you apply scripts across all pages for any domain in your account. You can find more on that here.


Hi Quinn! I went to this page and got a 404 when trying to access your link that will allow adding scripts to multiple pages, that would be a dream.