iCarousel horizontal image slider integration?


I have embeded the code cincopa provides into an HTML box on my landing page, but nothing appears when I publish…am I missing a step??


I am having trouble getting something similar on a page of mine. Any chance someone could offer some technical insight. I was attempting to use the iCarousel code to get it to work. I attempted a Slideshare view, but it seemed odd and was not enamored by the user experience offered there.



Hi All,
I have been able to find a website where the code is given to add an image slider in the page with next and previous buttons. All the code is available on the site and steps given to add the slider on the page.

URL: https://unbouncehacks.com/image-slider-in-unbounce/

You will find it useful.



my fancybox (which was previously working on the page) doesn’t work. goood site
my site http://iran-occ.com