I Think This Looks Pretty Good, Am I Delusional?


Just put together my first landing page. Sat through seven hours of a Udemy course on landing pages that was very detailed and very helpful.

Landing Page has been up for ten days, getting traffic there but literally zero conversions. I know the traffic is targeted so I wonder if the design is wrong or I am missing something.

Test Link (duplicate of actual): https://prepare.bungalowagent.com/test/

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
Google AdWords, FB Ads, Blog, Social, Direct Mail.

3: What is your conversion goal?
Anything would be great. 100 visitors but zero have completed the form.

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertible:


Hey Michael,

Thanks for sharing! Here’s a video review of your page with some feedback: https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cFeoohDZDI

Chat soon,



Thank you very much for going above and beyond on reviewing my LP. You had some great advice that I applied. You can see those in the new test version: https://prepare.bungalowagent.com/test2/

In regards to your other feedback:

Offers: I am aware of other offers like CMA’s and Buyers Guides and will launch specific landing pages for those next. This one is specific to sellers looking to list and a Prep Guide as the offer.

Traffic: I am using Adwords, FB Ads and Direct mail to promote to the same single landing page. But I use UTM’s to track individually. As far as where they are in the funnel, all of the ads I am running that point to this page are in a highly targeted geography (the same 1-mile radius as I always market to). With this in mind, I would think the traffic coming has a heightened interest and are farther down the funnel then average or cold traffic.

I think this is what baffles me, traffic is warm, the offer is clear (and clearer now thanks to your help).

The only thing I am thinking about adding is a video explaining why the guide is beneficial to them. Have you ever noticed a lift on Conversions is a video is included in the LP?

Any insight is greatly appreciated.


Hey Michael,

Wow, that was a fast turnaround! The page is looking much better!

Yes, a video would be a great thing to test. For many of our clients, videos on the page get a high level of engagement, especially if you place them above the fold. And this usually correlates to more opt-ins too. Just keep it short, and make sure it sells the value of the offer.


It looks very amateurish to me design wise. The copy is good, structure is good, but the design choices don’t look great… Sorry if that is harsh, but I presume you want genuine advice.

There are weird white boxes everywhere. Your choice of default fonts really stands out.

Some text is far too big and it really hurts the design.

There is no page title or favicon.

Certain images look overly compressed.

Spend more time tinkering with certain elements that just look “off”. Keep changing the font, size, positioning etc. till it feels right. Then move onto the next.

The copy is good, the page can definitely be made much much better, just with certain styling changes. Good first attempt with much room for improvement. Keep at it.



Daniel, thank you for the feedback. Harsh or not, it is much appreciated.

I just updated the /test link to show the changes I made from Nicholas’ feedback.

This included a bunch of design changes like those white boxes, conflicting colors and too large of fonts.

I added page title off your rec but favicon will take me a bit to figure out.

Not sure what you mean by “certain elements look off” but I will keep tweaking it.