I need your opinion for website analysis!


Hello guys,

Hope you are doing great so far. I recently build 2 websites based on WordPress. Already have done both off and on page SEO. But my website is still not coming on the first page of google. What tool do you use guys for your website analysis. Through my little search I found this http://webtoolsreviewed.com/senuke/

Can this give me better solution and accurate details for my website? Please let me know. Thanks!


SEMrush is a good tool for site analysis. What have you been focusing your efforts on regarding your current SEO efforts? How’s your link building coming along?


Great tool so far. I just tried it now. Though there are lots of tools available for free.


But semruch is a paid tool. I even try this one.


Hi Kerry,

Like Nicholas said, SEMrush is a fantastic tool. I love it so much I pay monthly for it.

Why don’t you share your URL with us? Maybe we can offer some suggestions.

Daniel Gillen


You can try with small seo tools. This one isn’t bad at all. Much more reliable. Thanks!


This one is too good but need to pay for this if anyone would like to use this.


I work with Semrush and Moz both are great tools.
Last months Semrush have been launching new features which are really great. I prefer Semrush but both are enough for the day to day SEO tasks. :sunglasses: