I need to remove some html code. How do I do that?


Removing HTML code


Hi  Eileen,

Use a bit of JS or JQuery in the script section of your LP. JQuery is a bit closer to standard English so would probably be easier to understand if your not a coder.


If you need help with this please let me know.

Many thanks



Thanks for the prompt reply.  Actually it’s the script for google analytics which I need to remove (after having discussed this with the good folks at google).  I’m new to Unbounce, but can I just ‘disable’ this using the Script Manager rather than inserting ‘remove’ commands?  


It depends how you added the GA code. In the script manager just remove it for that domain. If the script is added at the page level then just delete it there. A better way is so much easier. Here is what I suggest. Use Google Tag Manager. Create a new container without that tag. Or in the container exclude that domain or URL. Just add the GTM code as a global script in the script manager. Use the correct container ID and then you can change tags at will.


No probs, thanks for the clarification.

Yeah, Just like Jim says above, it’s that easy, use script manager or global script manager to add or remove the relevant code. Google Tag Manager is an option that’s worth exploring for the correct management of tags across multiple pages, campaigns, and projects. 




Thanks!! As a newbie, this is very very helpful!


Ping me, I can walk you through it.