I need some "custom" buttons made for the AutoResponder I am using. How do I do that?


Hi guys!

I am using ListAnimal.com auto-responder service.

Presently, they only have 1 style of submit button: (see image below)


I want to be able to create BIG COLORFUL BUTTONS!

Here is the HTML code that ListAnimal gives me to paste into my website.
The only thing I have change below, is the “list id = number” to prevent other people
from seeing it here in the forum.

First Name:


Believe it or not, ListAnimal does not have any docs that talk about Customizing the Buttons.

The only web form customization they offer is outlined here:


…and it “doesn’t” allow you to “change the style” of that button! :frowning:

I am not a web designer / CSS designer guy,
so I am am NOT sure what I need to do. ???

Can anyone offer some good advice?

Thank you in advance!



Looks like the HTML (webform) code did not show up in my post above, so here is a snapshot of it: