I need need an Unbounce SEO Professional


I am looking for a company or independent contractor who can optimize my Unbounce landing pages for search engines. If there are any resources for this that would be excellent! Thanks!



I have made several high performing unbounce landing pages for a client of mine and would be happy to discuss working together. I can send you recommendations and screenshot upon request. I have provided links to my about me page, my linked in profile and my adCenter Accredited Professional Member Profile below. My contact info are found on those pages.



Here in Denver we have a local company, Trada.com, that has a unique approach to SEO - they use crowdsourcing to get thousands of SEO experts working on your campaign. There’s no setup or monthly fees: people earn money based on their performance on your campaign. They deliver some pretty impressive results since they have a number of people that are essentially both competing and collaborating with each other at the same time.


SEOmoz has a good list of vendors they recommend: http://www.seomoz.org/article/recomme…


Although Unbounce pages have great SEO features and decent markup considering the flexibility of the tool, I would not recommend using it to build SEO landing pages. The simple reason I say this is that building links to a subdomain on your site doesn’t necessarily grow the strength of the root domain, and without links the pages won’t rank for important keyphrases that would drive leads. There could be a strategy to mitigate this, but I would recommend your most important SEO pages to be part of the main site. Furthermore there could be some duplicate content concerns based on how you structure tests. All things are possible. If you ever want to chat try me @reilly3000 or chris@unleashed-online.com


Dear Aaron,

My partner and I running a boutique Search Engine Marketing firm using advanced techniques to optimize crawlability and visibility on Google and other search engines.

We’ll be more than happy to help, but first we need to get more details on your
main goal - getting a higher quality score on Google AdWords, make the landing page part of your website, etc…

Please provide us with further information about so that we can best cater to your needs.