I need a way to capture Form Data on a Thank You page (different URL)


I currently have a landing page that gets a lot of low quality leads based on title.  I have a simple code to send undesirable titles to one Thank You URL and the rest to another Thank You Url.  The problem is the leads can only be generated on the main form page.  I need a way to capture the leads on each of the thank you pages without someone having to hit submit on a form.


Do you have a sample page you can show so we can visualize what you’re trying to do?



Thanks for the reply.

I actually figured out a good work around.  I added a small bit of code to have the thank you page auto submit the hidden form field. 

Then the thank you page acts like a landing page and sends to the form confirmation page.

Pretty easy work around.

If you still want to see the page let me know hopefully this might help you also.



Hi Lenny, I’m actually curious about this snippet you implemented. We find that Unbounce is capturing duplicate leads and want to capture good form info on the thank you page.