I have created a new landing page. How do I begin to market?




Hi Dania, 
Thanks for reaching out! It might help our community if we understood your market a bit more, as well as what you’re hoping this landing page will do. Are you trying to collect leads? Or sell a product/service? What is the overall goal of your landing page? 

It also might be good to know what you’ve done so far to market your product/service. Have you used any ad serving platforms (Bing, Google Adwords)? Or have you tried any form of email marketing? How did you approach marketing your product/service before Unbounce? And what were the results like? 

Try to give us a bit more backstory and we’ll see if we can get some savvy marketers to chime in and help out. 



Hello & thanks for your feedback.  I currently have a new online business as a loan originator.  I have a website called castleberryfinancial.com where I can fund loans for several needs such as: residential, commercial, and business, plus several others.  I created my first landing page to focus on business loans.  I am still working on my nmls certification, so I do not process residential loans as of yet.

I am using Adword Express as my first attempt to market.  I have reworded my add a few times, and have noticed the numbers of views increasing, but the clicks are still very low.  I did have 1 lead complete my form.  My budget is small until I can close on a few applications.

I have been also searching for other possible targeted leads, just to get a head start, but still working on those options.  I have tried to narrow the keywords associated with my Adwords campaign.

What I am looking for is some added direction.  I am also planning on created a second landing page to focus on Commercial loans next.  Those take longer, but the pay-offs are far greater.
Any advise is appreciated.  I have only had my landing page up since 5/28.




Hi Dania,

Phillip is absolutely right, you’ve chosen a difficult sector to break into. One of the things that a lot of people forget, or try to skip, is keyword research. Because you don’t have a big budget at the moment your going to be at the mercy of organic traffic, understanding what your customers are searching for and what type of customer your going after will help you focus on what needs to be done. 

I really can’t stress this enough, if you were looking for a loan, what would you type into Google or one of the other search engines? Try to get into the mind of your potential customers and come up with as many variation of those search terms as possible. 

One landing page isn’t going to cut the mustard, multiple pages focusing on different groups of search terms to try and capture as much traffic as possible will be key for you. 

There are a lot of free PR sites out there, don’t forget to run a press release talking about the launch of your company, it not only offers some exposure online but also the chance to build some credible back links to your site/landing page. Get involved in community forums in the financial sector including a link to your site in your signature. 

Social media including twitter and fb will also be important to your success, joining fb groups and using twitter hash tags to get your content more indirect reach to people who are not in your immediate circle.

Make a serious fuss about your “Launch” don’t just appear in the market place quietly… this is the grand opening.

Just on a slightly different topic, I’ve looked at your homepage and the extra tools you provide in the right column are a great addition but they feel like they run together a bit making it feel a bit cluttered. I would find some way of adding boxes or some kind of separator to show where one ends and the other starts.

 Also if possible reduce the big white space between the top image and the first paragraph of content and increase your white space to the left and right sides of your content to give it a more balanced and comfortable feel.

Do you have a link to your Unbounce landing page anywhere on your site, I’d be really interested to see what your doing with that side of things. 

In terms of PPC there’s so much to talk about I’m not sure where we would start but I run a number of successful Adwords campaigns for our clients, if you have specific questions please don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll help where I can. 

I hope these points make sense, apologies that it’s a long post but we’ve really only scratched the surface and I’d rather give you the right information than just a quick answer that doesn’t really help!

Good luck & I hope the great community here at Unbounce continue to support your efforts.




Hi Dania,

You can use paid search or “PPC” to break into this large market. You just have to have the capital and a professional to manage it. With $1000, a nice landing page and professional PPC manager you could get started and have success IMHO.

Take a look at LogicalPosition or WhitesSharkMedia. Low cost PPC agencies who can help you.

If you want results NOW, PPC is the only way. Organic and social just don’t cut it.

This is a tough sector, but many small players cut their teeth and have success in legal, insurance, loans, etc if done right. Best of luck!


Hey Dania,

Congrats on jumping in the water and you got some solid advice above.  To expand on theirs, I would just encourage you to look in the “long tail”.  Bidding on “commercial loan” could not be cheap with such high competition.  Focusing on the niches and perhaps advertising for “small business lender in Dawsonville, GA” might be a great opportunity.  Tackling the learning curve doesn’t have to be super expensive :slight_smile:

Best of luck,



Great points, Joe! 


You are trying to break into a very saturated market. I’d stay clear from marketing strategies where you have to buy your way in. The big competitors will always out perform you when it comes to standard marketing practices. 

Find a niche and be creative. For example, loan money to restaurants and instead of having them pay interest in cash, they pay in gift cards. You then sell the gift cards at a discount and help promote the restaurant. Win-Win. Chase, Wells Fargo, Lending Tree…they can’t do that. But as a small lender, you CAN! Think outside the box.

As far as PPC, I would recommend bidding on your brand terms. I searched “castleberry business loan” in AdWords Preview tool as if I was located in Dawsonville, Georgia. You don’t show up in the ads or the organic (free) search results. That’s sad since your name is Castleberry Financial. You won’t get much traffic from these searches because nobody knows you. But make sure the handful of people who are looking for you can find you.