I have created a New Landing page for CBD

I have created a Landing page for CBD
here is my Landing page URL

I need feedback, how I can improve my Landing page.

If anyone looking for like that page please contact with me:
$kype id: sanjeevthakur0312
Email id: sanjeev.thakur58@gmail.com

I took a quick look and these are just a few quick things that could be improved in my opinion:

  • Above fold only shows a form “where to send your bottle”. This could work assuming visitors are warmed up enough by pre-sell pages, but I think you should try to give some quick hints as to what you are trying to sell ( product A that helps with problem B)
  • There are some spelling mistakes in the headings which can destroy trust
  • On mobile I’d suggest making the container wider so less scrolling is required to read the texts

Hello RobertZ

Thanks for your feedback.
sure will do that soon.


Hi there! Thanks for sharing your page.

Important question, is the bottle free?

Most visitors (like myself) quickly skim a page to see if it solves a particular pain point or need.

Unfortunately it wasn’t very clear tor me what to expect by filling out the form.

Will you send me a free sample? Will I need to pay for something eventually?

Also, consider showing the lab test results as this can help with trust (THC amounts etc.).