I have a domain in Yola and need to redirect to an unbounce landing page


I’ve created a custom domain in yola.com to support my unbounce campaign, lets call it domain.com

I’ve created the proper cname “info” and forward it to unbouncepages.com, so when people click http://info.domain.com they are automatically poped up with my landing page.

However, I also want to redirect my domain www.domain.com to the subdomain. I’ve done it in godaddy and its super easy, however I cant seem to find how to do it in Yola. Can anyone out there help me?



Hi Oscar, 

I’ve done some digging on Yola’s forum, and it doesn’t look like  they support 301 redirects (which would be the preferred method). The solution they suggest is to use a javascript redirect. Your can read more about it here:


While a javascript redirect is an option, you will see that some Yola users are concerned that this type of redirect will negatively affect your Google PageRank. While I have read some Google articles to the contrary, you may want to proceed with caution. 

I would also recommend taking a look at Google’s Webmaster guidelines if you are interested in learning more about Google’s best practices.


Hi Noah!!! You are a Rock Star. Thanks a lot for your help. By any chance, if I have to do something else besides this javascript here?

Basically, when I input the code in the html widget, I get redirected but can \_t save nor publish the page in Yola. Thanks so much for your kind support


Hey Oscar - you’ll want to add that script via the Custom Javascripts panel (near the bottom left of the page), instead of in the HTML widget. This doc will show you exactly what I mean. For a redirect, you’ll want to set the placement to the “head” of the page.


More about…Javascript Redirect