I have 4 older landing pages running, and I'd like to auto-forward all of them


I want to send all traffic to these pages to an external page (non-UB). How can I do this? Thanks!


Hey Dan - we aren’t able to provide server-side redirect functionality but there is a workaround you can try if you know the URL(s) of the specific page(s) you’d like redirected. It’s pretty straightforward but in a nutshell, simply embed the following code into your page(s) JavaScript dialog

<br /> <!--
<br /> window.location = "http://www.google.com/"
<br /> //-->
<br /> </script>```   
Replace [http://www.google.com](http://www.google.com) with the URL you would like to redirect to and you should be all set.   
PS A word of caution Dan - if you're running PPC campaigns to these old pages, you may be better off running a new campaign. The logic may be, Google could ultimately crawl your pages in order to rank it, but they'll see that redirect and nothing else. Therefore, that tells them the page is not what is advertised.   
Hope that helps!