I get No Leads to View as CSV when I try to generate a CSV of my 30 or so leads


When I try to generate a CSV of my leads, I get “No Leads to View as CSV” even though I got over 30 leads. My form consist only of an email field. I want to download the email addresses as a CSV file, but unbounce refuses to let me.


Hey Roy - I took a peek at your page and do see the issue. I’m starting a support ticket for you now so we can address this further


Hey Roy - We’ve sorted out the issue with the CSV. I just sent you a followup email.

For anyone else who is seeing this thread or encountering this issue - Some customers encountered a problem where the leads didn’t fully populate their CSV files. We’ve now addressed the problem and the leads should now be downloading into a CSV with no issue.

If you are encountering this problem or a similar issue be sure to reach out to us directly: support@unbounce.com