I can't add form. Add Form button disabled


Dear Authority,

I visited your user guide pages and I learned how to add form to page. But when editing my pages, add form button is disabled. Why it is disabled, and how can I activate it.

Thanks your attention.

Serta Anadollu


Hi Sertac - thanks for posting!

Because Unbounce pages can currently only have one form per page, that is why once one form has been added, the form button is then instantly disabled.

However, depending on what you wish to have for your setup at this time, you may also want to consider including a multi-step form to your page. To learn more about how to achieve this setup, please see: http://support.unbounce.com/entries/2…

Alternatively, if you are currently experiencing issues with placing one form to your Unbounce page, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via a message to support@unbounce.com and we would be happy to dig in.

Jacquelyn | Unbounce Customer Success


i selected the theme and it never allow me using form its just disable 
how can i edit this ? 


Could you give us a little more information so we can help you?