I cannot change the form on a template - sidebar button is greyed out


I am just trying my first unbounce pages… i selected a template and all was going beautifully until I realised I had to get rid of the existing ‘download this blah’ button and get myself a name button.

I could not remove the download button nor add the name button.

I see a form button to the left of the page but it is greyed out.

Is this because I am on a free trial? how do I fix this?


Hi Toni,

Depending on which button you’re referring to, it may be attached to the form - which would explain why it can’t be deleted. You can, however, completely change/customize this button to meet your needs instead.

Let me know if this helps clear things up, otherwise I’d be happy to jump into your account and dig into it a bit more.


Ah you are right Justin, I have worked it out! thank you